Misfire: That Awkward Moment

That Awkward Moment is one of 2014’s most awkward misfires. I hate to do a play on words here but it’s the truth.

The film is about three best friends and how they decide to stay single and make up a roster of women they bang. However, love gets in the way…oh no!

There are some good ideas though, underneath all the boring misogyny.  I liked that the men are in their early twenties starting out in their careers. This is an awkward place in life and I can actually relate to that. Some want love, some want to still be in love, and some can’t handle commitment. Cliche I know, but with a good script and the same cast, this could’ve been the exception and a pleasant surprise. It’s not.

Zac Efron has matured wonderfully into a good actor, too bad his character here isn’t as wonderful. He tries to maintain his life as an asshole by trying not to fall in love with the ever beautiful Imogen Poots. Michael B. Jordan is great here and underused and his character is the most original. Too bad his subplot becomes not very fun to watch. And last but not least is the charismatic Miles Teller.

I feel like all the characters he plays lately are assholes and this one is no different. As him and Zac both fall in love and Michael falls out of love, the plot becomes more unbearable because the characters somehow become more oblivious and even worse, insufferable.

If you like cliché romantic comedies that are a bit more dramatic than the usual ones, this will be for you. If you want to see these talented leads get stuck in a film that wastes almost every good idea it has, this is also the film for you.

Oh and for fans of The Wire, they have a little unfunny gold nugget for you during the credits.

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