The Entertaining Surprise of Mistress America

Ok, Mistress America is technically a very well reviewed film and liked by many…which doesn’t merit much defense. However, I usually despise the combo of Noah Baumbach (his films are usually about white male’s going through first world problems) and the annoying and overrated Greta Gerwig.

And to my surprise, Mistress America turned out to be one of the most entertaining movies of the year.

Mr. Baumbach, you’ve finally made a film that I found both entertaining and at times very insightful without coming off as pretentious or boring.

The way he managed to find joy in people’s life, instead of constant first world problems he showcased in While We’re Young, made this come off a lot more honest and alluring.

Speaking of alluring, Baumbach found wonderful use of his muse and partner Greta Gerwig.

I enjoyed Greta playing a variation of her eccentric New Yorker persona and finally saw the appeal of her brand.

Her joyful obliviousness and her confidence makes her quite the character to watch.

However, the most welcome surprise in the acting department was Lola Kirke.

She was wonderful and had a nice presence about her.  I related a lot to her constant struggle of being what she found “great”.  Her fascination with Grewig’s obliviousness to the world around her is something most people I think relate to. The reason being is because we all have that one friend we know better than ourselves.

Kirk’s character however is not a perfect person.

She does things to her friends that come off as selfish, especially when you find out where the film’s title comes from, but it was relatable non the less.

There’s a set piece in here that I have to mention and I’m going to call it “The Glass Mansion Confrontation.”

It was a perfect screwball comedy that ran for 20 minutes and featured near flawless direction and some of the wittiest writing I’ve seen in along time.

That scene alone is worth the price of admission.

If you want to see a realistic and non indie approach of the lifestyle in New York, look no further.

Mistress America is one of the most entertaining and satisfying films of the year and you should watch this right now.

Currently available on iTunes and Video on Demand

Image via Fox Searchlight Pictures

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