Devasating and Compelling: The Unexpected Power of AMY

Heartbreaking cinema at it’s best.

Every once in a while a film comes out that completely obliterates your heart, every inch of it. What is the upside to a film like that?

The upside is that you don’t regret a single minute of it.

Asif Kapadia’s film takes one of the most well known celebrities of our time and crafts a documentary that feels like a modern day tragedy.

The films weaves in the perils of addiction, the beauty of having raw talent, and what it means to love and to feel loved in return into a beautiful showcase of Winehouse’s talent and life.

The line between documentary and “film” is debatable at times but to see a film like this that feels so fresh is beyond rewarding.

But how was it possible to make a documentary like this stand out and not seem generic like many other music docs?

Well, the film has a beginning, middle, and end like most narratives and it is 99 percent captured without the use of sobbing people in bad interview lighting reciting their time with Amy Winehouse.

I loved that.

If you are going to see one documentary this year, Amy should be put on the top of your list. Just don’t forget to bring the kleenex.

Currently available OnDemand and on DVD/BluRay

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