Life at 24fps’ Favorite Movie Posters of 2015

I love when I finally start to see Best of the year lists.  Most of the time I agree with them, but sometimes I roll my eyes and move on. Most of my eye rolling concerns lists about “Best posters.” I know taste is objective, but indie/foreign films aren’t the only ones making great posters.

I find posters to be a lost art.  Most movie posters are oversaturated with characters, lens flare, and the use of orange and blue. Here’s a prime example:  The Orange and Blue.

This year I decided it was time to make my own list of favorite posters, with some awesome recommendations from friends and of course, the internet.

Ranging from blockbusters to art films, we were treated to some truly fun posters and some I found to be works of art.


American Ultra


Although I didn’t like the film overall, I really dug this poster.  It’s so cool. From the stylized font choice, to the laid back violence present on the poster, this one was a real eye catcher.

Terminator Genisys


What?! You have Terminator Genysis on a best of list?! How could you!

That’s what I imagine the internet saying to me, but let me explain.

I love simplistic poster designs. Usually I see them on fan made posters but to my surprise, Paramount officially released wonderfully simple posters celebrating this monstrosity coming to BluRay.

Not only does this poster do a clearer job of marketing the film than all the trailers and artwork released previously, this poster makes it look emoitonally resonant. The tagline being “Come to me if you want to live”, made it go from punchline to “whoa that’s touching” is a work of a skilled poster designer.

Good job.

Magic Mike XXL


This poster speaks for itself.

I mean look at it! It’s provocative, simple, the font is perfect, and the placement of the due date and hashtag is perfection.

Some movie posters went to the extreme to provoke, such as Gaspar Noe’s Love,  which caused quite a stir on Facebook. (Seriously, this poster is very NSFW and don’t click on it if you are easily offended: NSFW Love Poster),

Luckily this one was decidedly adult without the use of nudity and exploded with a blast of color and style.



Although I adore the movie, the poster for Youth is essentially just the definition of “eye catching” and nothing more.

The decision to make the poster look almost like painting was an ok decision, I think the use of the woman’s body and the placement of text draws your eye right away.  Also, Michael Caine and Harvey Keitel’s reactions are priceless.

People Places Things


Speaking of posters looking almost like animation, People Places Things takes that and makes it wondrously whimsical.

The subtle use of yellow and orange is sleek and using black and white images for the actors was a nice creative decision.

The icing on the cake is the heart on Jermaine Clement. Which comes off quirky instead of creepy.


Most of my friends know I dislike this movie with a passion, but I can’t deny that this poster is awesome.

It’s a fun throwback to the teen horror movies of yesteryear and the painting is done beautifully.

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice


I know this movie doesn’t come out until 2016, but when this poster arrived in April and my jaw dropped.

After the teaser leaked, I became very skeptical of the movie we were getting. And just like that, Zack Snyder dropped some posters on Twitter and I instantly knew I had to get it.

Automatically you are drawn to the gritty black & white image of Ben Affleck’s Batman and the torn out Superman symbol. The colors compliment each other nicely and it pleasantly put the hype train back on track.

Mad Max: Fury Road


My favorite Fury Road poster came out in 2014, so I had to look far and wide for my favorite poster that came out this year.

Now there was some really wonderful artistic posters out there for Fury Road, but to me this one took the cake.

It’s Fury Road, Throwback Thursday Edition and it’s marvelous. I feel like I’m looking at a relic from the glory days of Blockbuster and I love the use of multiple fonts and the look on Tom Hardy’s face. So badass.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens


Now this is a poster! One that not only gets the geeks excited, but also entices all general audiences.

I know this poster goes a little too heavy on the orange and blue, but it looks so beautiful!  Even with all the chaos and over abundance of characters (except Luke), I find this to be really cohesive.

I’m surprised this didn’t show up on on more top posters lists.

The Revenant 


Simple. Beautiful. Cold. Haunting. Classic.

Let’s hope the movie follows suit.

The Lobster


I’ve seen this poster show up at the top of a lot of “Best of” lists, which really surprised me. I do think it’s a great one, just not the best of the year in my opinion.

However, I  find it to be the loneliest poster of the year. There’s a sad yet earnest quality in Colin Ferrel’s face that’s really nice and the loss of a person in his arms is really something haunting.

We can’t wait to see this one.



Macbeth’s poster is epic, bleak yet vivid, and wonderfully memorable. Just like it’s trailer.

This is something all posters should aspire to be.



The term swoon-worthy comes to mind when I see this poster.

The look of love and excitement in Cate Blanchett’s eyes and the longing ever present on Rooney Mara’s face sell this poster right away.

Adding to the memorable looks, the graininess from the luscious photography and the expert use of word placing, make this quite a classic.

Queen of Earth



Now that’s something old school.

The moment I locked eyes with this poster, I immediately thought that this was about a movie in trouble and that it would be decidedly old school, which the final product was.

The use of the three painted and stylized images of Elizabeth Moss reminded me of the 70s and I knew right away I was in for a movie of intense emotion.

The poster didn’t lie.



This poster was so close to being my favorite of the year.

I love that the lead is front and center with this year’s second best tag-line beautifully placed in her hair that’s surrounded by symbolism.

Like the film itself, the movie looks like an urgent call to action and you can’t take your eyes off of it.  The dark reds stand out and the gold chains mixing with the gold protest signs make this quite a looker.

I’ve yet to see the movie, but hopefully it captures a little bit of this poster’s wonderful style.

Side note: The best tagline of the year goes to Central Intelligence.

The Assassin


Although the posters are not listed in any particular order, I can say without a doubt that this is my favorite poster of the year.

Usually when we get posters for martial arts films, they tend to be generic and trying to sell us on the action instead of the story.  They tend to be bland and hold no artistic value.

This poster beautifully turns that notion on it’s head.

The use of colors that are inspired by dynasty-era Chinese paintings are a sight to be hold and the font choice is perfection.

There’s something really alluring about the blending of the landscapes and the designs that range from peacock to smoke. Although I’m not a big fan of the overabundance of text, I do love that the title is placed in the perfect place.

A truly elegant work of art.

Posters from around the Globe

As a little bonus, here’s some of my favorite posters that were not in American Cinemas.

it followsFrench_Inside_Out_PosterIMG_4115






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