A Guide To Our Most Anticipated Indies of May-June

Indie films do not get enough love during the summer.

Most general movie auidiences think the best indie films come out during the fall movie season but that’s a lie.

Summer is filled with some of the biggest movies you will see all year and some of the best.  Beloved indie Boyhood came out almost two years ago during the summer months and rode it’s acclaim all the way to the Oscars.

There’s a lot of potential out there this summer and here’s a guide to some of our most anticipated indies of the year!

A Bigger Splash


Luca Guadagnino came to my attention in 2010 with his wonderful film, I Am Love.

It was a lush and grandiose tale of love and loneliness set in Italy and featured a luminous performance from Tilda Swinton, who learned Italian for her role.

Six years later, he’s back with a tale of deception, sex, beautiful landscapes, and of course, Rock n Roll.

Tilda Swinton leads an amazing cast that features Ralph Fiennes and Dakota Johnson and is already being called one of the best films of the year.

We can’t wait to catch this one on the big screen!

Currently in limited release

Sunset Song


Sunset Song has been on my radar for quite some time and every time I see a new image from the film, my heart sinks a little bit.

It looks like every frame is a painting and looks to be one of those films that has to been seen to believe.

It’s about a girl growing up in rural Scotland during World War 1 and that’s all I know about the plot.  It’s based on the classic Scottish novel and has critics buzzing everywhere.

I know it won’t be playing everywhere, but if you live in LA or New York, this is the time to check it out!

Currently in limited release


High Rise.jpg

This is the only film on here that we’ve seen and three weeks later, it still lingers in our minds.

Ben Wheatley’s High-Rise is a diabolical satire that will leave you buzzing from scene to scene.  The acting is next level (no pun intended) and features some of the best production value you will see all year.

Oh and if you aren’t a fan of dark films or Stanley Kubrick, this one is not for you.

Currently on demand & limited release



I love a great documentary, especially political ones.

Do you remember Anthony Weiner?  He’s a quirky politician disgraced for his illicit text messages, not once, but twice!

This film follows him on the campaign trail and he’s trying to rehabilitate his image any way he can, such as holding rallies and flicking off the press!

I don’t want to spoil all of it but judging on the trailer and reviews alone, this is an entertaining political fiasco that demands our attention!

In theaters May 20

De Palma


This is a film for film lovers everywhere.

Brian DePalma is one of the most acclaimed directors living today and he’s left quite an impact on filmmakers both new and old.

This documentary is, to my knowledge, the closest you will ever come to understanding the mastermind behind Carrie, Scarface, Dressed to Kill, Carlito’s Way, and The Untouchables.

Noah Baumbach, director of last year’s underrated Mistress America, and Jake Paltrow, are behind this documentary and I can’t wait to learn more about this fascinating filmmaker.

In theaters June 10

Swiss Army Man


Swiss Army Man was one of the most talked about films at the Sundance Film Festival.

The film revolves around a lonely man on a deserted island, played by a bearded Paul Dano,  who finds new meaning in life when a dead body washes up shore. And who plays the dead body? Daniel Radcliffe of course!

By using the dead body like a swiss army knife, Paul Dano and Daniel Radcliffe will try to find a way back home!

And no I’m not making any of this up.

Here’s the red band trailer to give you a true taste of what the film will be like. Enjoy!

In theaters June 24

The Neon Demon


We aren’t fans of Nicolas Winding Refn.

We find Drive to be an empty stylistic experience (it’s quite beautiful looking and has an awesome soundtrack, that’s it) and Only God Forgives is one of the worst films we’ve ever seen.

He’s a man that is too concerned with his own style and after watching his creative process, we think he’s afraid of ever looking like a “sell out.” To us he honed his style in Drive and then honed his love for himself in Only God Forgives.

So why on Earth are we anticipating his new film?

Well for starters, the plot about vampire models in LA is enticing, and we want to see how he’s evolved as a filmmaker these past 4 years.

Judging on the trailers alone, this will be one of the most stylish movies of the year and the cinematography has already been dissected by cinephiles.

Will it have the stylistic highs of Drive or be the over indulgent mess that was Only God Forgives?

In theaters June 24

images via Broadgreen Pictures, Fox Searchlight, A24, Magnolia Pictures, Magnet

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