Goodbye, Anton Yelchin

An open letter

I wish I wasn’t writing this.

A couple of days ago I couldn’t think of what to write and today, in truly bittersweet fashion,  I’m writing a letter to Mr. Anton Yelchin.

Nearly 4 years ago, I went to a Q & A screening of Like Crazy, and you were there to answer our biggest questions.

Sadly, I don’t remember the questions people asked you, but I remember your presence.

I remember you sitting there…humble, a bit shy, and grateful that the audience loved the movie.

I remember all the fans going up to you and the awkward smile you gave when they took pictures with you.

When you had to leave, I remember the door closing behind you and thinking, “I wonder what he’s going to do next.”

Today, I woke up and found out that you left us.

I was in a state of sad disbelief…I still am.

I can still remember when I started hanging out with one of my best friends, Kiaya, and we watched, Charlie Barlett. She loved it and I remember thinking how perfect you were in the role.

My friend Joe lost his dog, who had been with him for over a decade, in 2011 and we went to go see your film Fright Night, which is highly underrated.

The joy and laughter we experienced in those two hours made us forgot about our problems and helped my friend Joe heal a little bit more.

You always picked movies that were anything BUT conventional, even if they weren’t my kind of movies.

As an audience member, I could tell you understood the characters you were playing and it never felt like you did a movie for a pay check.

You were the definition of an actor.

In a time of people worrying about social media, box office, and inflated egos, you felt genuine.  A true diamond in the rough.

That’s something many actors these days don’t have.

You loved what you did and we loved you for it.

Last month I had the pleasure of seeing you on the big screen in Green Room.

The character you played was more rough around the edges than ones I had seen you play before and I could see that you were enjoying each moment on screen.

No longer were you the young, naive, hero. You were a man, a loner, and a survivor.

I kept thinking, “Damn, I wonder what movie he’s going to do next!”

Thankfully, and also very bittersweet, you completed five upcoming movies, and I will have a chance to see you on the big screen next month in, Star Trek Beyond.

I wish I could’ve shook your hand, instead of writing you this open letter.

I wish I could’ve told you that I respect that you do movies that inspire you, not just movies that will get a billion world wide.

I wish I would’ve sought out more of your movies before you passed.

You were taken too soon and the world is grieving because of all the good you gave us, without us even asking.

Goodbye sir, and thank you for being you.



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