What The Last of Us Part II Reveals About The Gaming Community

I was completely surprised that during this whole 3 month wait between the leak for The Last of Us Part II and its actual release that not a single detail was spoiled to me about its story.

I was highly skeptical that all of a sudden Neil Druckmann and Naughty Dog just made a dud after delivering a fantastic fourth installment to Uncharted.  Thankfully, that skepticism was quickly erased once I started playing the game. 

After beating the game (unlike most people who seem to have an opinion on it),  I most assuredly understood why The Last of Us Part II  was getting so much hate.

It’s because an unsettling high amount of people in gaming community hate women and LGBTQ people. 

Hyperbolic? Yes, but you have to be blind to think otherwise.

Ever since the horrors of GamerGate, we have been subjected to complete stupidity and ignorance from the gaming community.  It has continuously shown it’s true hatred for women that try to get into the medium. Memes aside, it’s become obvious that this was the inception of their despicable behavior and The Last of Us Part II is just the latest showing of their behavior. 


I’m not going to mince words here when I say this because I truly think that there are no valid criticisms that I have seen for The Last of Us Part II. I’ve seen a lot of childish anger toward this game from the Kojima Productions Facebook Page mocking its 3.8/10 community score on Metacritic, only going to show how completely ignorant and embarrassing many people in the gaming community are. 

For starters, Metacritic doesn’t even matter in the grand scheme of things, all these aggregate sites might be helpful for some but I feel it holds back actual criticism of the medium of video games. 

Second, most of these ratings were put in minutes as soon as the game was released and available to rate, clearly showing how these people just came in to hate on this game and not give it a fair chance, but why would this cesspool of  incel-core fools give anything a fair chance when they clearly have no other activities to do but just shit on a game where they don’t have any context whatsoever. 

Clearly, this shows a huge issue with the gaming community at large.

It is filled with gross, misogynistic men that have nothing better to do but create a bubble of a world to “protect themselves” and make an exclusive boys club for their sacred video games.


It’s clear that this is the case when they’ll dislike bomb The Last of Us Part II for it’s “SJW propaganda” but completely ignore video games like Call of Duty.  That game is actual propaganda that exploits their boys club mentality to blatant US Government Propaganda. I clearly remember people in my middle school being unable to pass their classes but without fault being able to name every type of machine gun and accessory in Modern Warfare 3 and in real life.

Clearly, video games have started poising the minds of the people who play them and have them senselessly kill AIs of Middle Eastern people as they play the whitest American man, saying “hoo-raw!” as they chug Mountain Dew and cram Doritos into their mouths.

Call of Duty Product Lineup


Unlike those games, The Last of Us and it’s sequel critique violence and show us the brutality and dire consequences of people’s choices. 

In most video games where you have to kill people, characters will lifelessly fall over in an incredibly passive way once shot in a game like Call of Duty with a slight blood spurt. The most violent you’ll get close up is maybe stabbing someone in the throat or choking them to death. Other games will be completely cartoonish over the top violence where you basically splattering yourself with human remains. In these games, their violence is designed to make you feel victorious, you are a winner and these are just objects getting in your way. 

Not in The Last of Us Part II. 

When Ellie kills people, we are robbed of feeling victorious because we are witnessing someone that has gone berserk and is suffering a pain many will never feel.

You don’t just slice someone’s throat or move on, Ellie will dig her knife right into the flesh of an enemy and we see the life in their eyes fade away…

By doing this, you never feel completely good about killing someone.  It’s never just an obstacle towards an objective or boss battle that will reward us for our “bravery.”

We aren’t supposed to feel like a “winner” and that’s the point.


Game director Neil Druckmann said The Last of Us was about love and The Last of Us Part II is about hate, and he couldn’t have worded it any better. 

A lot of gamers have lost their humanity, not just to themselves but to others. They do not empathize with others and why would they? They soak in a medium that rarely ever questions their own ethics and morals and shows them something different.

The Last of Us Part II holds the mirror at ourselves and asks…

Who are We? Why are we here? Is what I did worth it in the end?
What Have I become?


all images via naughty dog.

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