Inherent Vice & The Self Indulgence of Paul Thomas Anderson

BONKERS! The performances were beautifully bonkers, the music was bonkers in all the right ways, and the monologues were insanely bonkers. I don't think I've ever called a film bonkers before until I witnessed Inherent Vice.


Essential Viewings for November – December

The fall/winter film season is finally here! After a disappointing summer season, we're finally in the "prestige" film months, and get to see the films that studios have been hiding all year. We're especially excited because there's not only Oscar contenders coming up, but some of the most popular festival films ever to grace the silver screen. From Manchester … Continue reading Essential Viewings for November – December

A Searing Portrait of Repressed Identity: Moonlight Review

Who is you? That is the titular question at hand during the entirety of Barry Jenkins' visceral character study, Moonlight. After a string of underwhelming films this year, such as Jason Bourne and Cafe Society, I was floored when Moonlight not only delivered, but inspired me as well. As a filmmaker, it is common to hear, … Continue reading A Searing Portrait of Repressed Identity: Moonlight Review